about "KC"

A long time San Francisco native and loyal Giant's baseball fan, Kevin is affectionally known as "KC" to his friends and colleagues, a nickname given to him by his wife Nancy.

Styling and wardrobe consulting comes natural to KC.  As a full time professional photographer, www.kevinchin.com, he routinely advises clients on wardrobe selection for weddings, engagement portraits and family portraits.  KC has taken that experience beyond photoshoots and weddings and has applied his skills to help his clients build wardrobes for life after weddings such career, leisure, and special occasions.

As an experienced professional photographer, KC has a trained eye to be able to analyze his subjects to determine the best styles, fits, shapes, and colors that best flatter his subjects.

KC's philosophy is to always give his clients choices.  He knows everyone has different taste and comfort levels of what his clients will wear.  He will always suggest a safe option as well as something more daring for those more adventurous moments. 

KC's own personal style can be described as "casual luxe" which usually includes a pair of comfortable denim paired with a cashmere sweater, or a crisp cotton shirt with his signature bow ties, and a well-fitted sport coat.  For KC, it's about looking your best and being comfortable.  He truly believes, "being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion."